30 September 2014

29 September 2014

28 September 2014

Shamshel Papercraft

Shamshel papercraft

Shamshel is the Fourth Angel from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, papercraft created by zxc6713.

Arbok Paper Model

Arbok Paper Model

Pokemon Arbok papercraft created by javierini.

24 September 2014

Unreal Tournament Trophies Papercraft

Unreal Tournament Trophies Papercraft

Here are the various trophies that can be found in the Unreal Tournament video game, papercraft created by Metalfist.

The Ghost Train Papercraft

The Ghost Train Papercraft

The Ghost Train paper model from Ravens Blight.

23 September 2014

Maneki Neko Paper Toy - Grumpy Cat Version

Maneki Neko Paper Toy - Grumpy Cat Version

A couple years back Digitprop came out with this adorable lucky cat paper toy, now you can get the Grumpy Cat version of it.

22 September 2014

Date Masamune Papercraft: One-Eyed Dragon

Date Masamune Papercraft

Date Masamune paper model from MAPS (Marketing and Promotion Service) Japan.

Hellraiser Lemarchand Box Papercraft - Lament Configuration

Hellraiser Lemarchand Box Papercraft Lament Configuration

Lemarchand Box paper model from Destro2k, this box is a puzzle box featured in the Hellraiser series

21 September 2014

Instructables Papercraft

Instructables Papercraft

Instructables paper model from Visual Spicer, it's called 'Instructabot Goes To Town' and shows the Instructables' robot mascot riding on a custom Isetta microcar.

Xerneas Paper Model

Xerneas Paper Model

Pokemon Xerneas model from jav-papercraft.

Dragonite Papercraft V2

Dragonite Papercraft V2

A new Pokemon Dragonite paper model from the Paperpokes, this one has Dragonite posed in a prone position.

19 September 2014

Dr. Frankenstein & Monster Paper Toy

Dr Frankenstein Monster Paper Toy

Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his creation 'Frankenstein's monster' in paper toy form.

Star Wars - Ben Kenobi Papercraft

Star Wars Ben Kenobi Papercraft

Obi-Wan Kenobi paper model from Noturno Sukhoi, Obi-Wan was later known as Ben Kenobi (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope).

Panko - Schoolgirl Papercraft

Panko Schoolgirl Papercraft

Here's a 2 feet tall schoolgirl paper model (original character called Panko) created by fumi-A.

17 September 2014

16 September 2014

Strike Witches Paper Model - Perrine Clostermann

Strike Witches paper Model Perrine Clostermann

Perrine H. Clostermann paper model based on the Strike Witches series, here she's dressed up in a sexy bunny outfit.